3SC, SES and Sarah



3SC deliver Specialist Employability Support (SES) through our partners Elite.

Established in 1994, Elite is a registered charity working with people with disabilities or those at a disadvantage across South and West Wales.

Sarah was referred to 3SC on our SES programme in February 2016. She was introduced to this provision as she lives with both a visual and hearing impairment requiring intensive support to aid her to complete pre-employment activities, increase her confidence and her self-belief in preparation for suitable employment opportunities.

3SC's SES Main Provision was perfect for Sarah as she requires a higher level of support to not only secure employment, but to also maintain it. She lacked confidence in her skills and abilities and required Advisor support on a one to one basis to complete all pre-employment activities including job searching, skill matching, application skills, interview skills and increasing her sense of self-esteem.

Prior to starting employment, Sarah attended one to one appointments with her Advisor on a weekly basis, who provided her support with all of the above barriers. In time her confidence and self-esteem grew, as did her job searching abilities.

Elite were approached by a Public Sector organisation, as they had a new opportunity within their Equality and Diversity Department. They were seeking an Administrator, who would be responsible for co-ordinating the diaries for the Senior Management Team, arranging meetings and supporting with the implementation of a new Sensory Impairment project. We approached Sarah about this vacancy not only because of her capabilities within administration, but also in recognition of what she could contribute to the project having Sensory Impairments herself.

At first she was a little concerned because of the location of the employer. One of Sarah's greatest concerns is travel as she is unable to travel independently on public transport. Her Advisor worked with her to explain that she would be eligible for a assistance via Access to Work, as well as further aids and equipment required within the workplace. Armed with this knowledge and because of the nature of the organisation, Sarah felt confident enough to apply for the position.

Over the coming weeks, Sarah received intensive support from a number of staff at Elite to help her prepare for her interview and was accompanied by a Job Coach on the day of her interview.

All of Sarah’s hard work paid off as she secured the position of Admin Officer, which she started in May 2016. This post is quite challenging, however the employer is incredibly supportive and have made a number of reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

Now in work, Sarah continues to receive one to one support from Elite from a Job Coach, who works with her to develop her skills and knowledge of all tasks required within the role. She is improving every week and is taking part in meetings and events with her colleagues, providing a personal insight into how to overcome barriers into employment.

Sarah has progressed well in her job and is working fully independently. She understands her job role and carries out her tasks and duties to a good standard. Sarah also takes part in group activities and raising awareness campaigns and meetings which includes filming, role play and interaction with other organisations. Sarah is very conscientious, works very well within her team, building good relationships with her colleagues seeking support and guidance if necessary.

Sarah is very happy in her employment and is always looking for other opportunities to progress within her organisation.

3SC are proud of Sarah's progress and her engagement both with SES as a programme and our partners at ELITE.