Amina has been on JSA for a long period of time, upon meeting Amina who attended centre with her daughter for translation support it was clear that Amina was very shy and withdrawn, her daughter always spoke on her behalf. Amina would appear to sit in her seat and look at the floor rather than interacting. I put this down to a confidence issue as she couldn’t understand English well enough to communicate.

Amina at this time was attending ESOL classes however over the months there was no clear improvement in confidence or communication.

In September I referred Amina to the Aaina womens centre for support, I asked her initially to go into the centre to see what they do, Amina attended the appointment with her daughter and was adamant that the only support she wanted was with her CV.

At this point I gained support off a manager who could also speak in the same language as Amina so we could be sure that what support we were offering Amina would understand. I asked Amina to go back to Aaina centre this time on her own, to start with Amina was booked into the Friday session which involved mainly socialising with ladies most of who are from the same back ground as Amina, when I received feedback I was told that she went on her own she was quiet but that was to be expected initially. At her next appointment Amina appeared to be slightly more confident she tried to communicate and appeared to be more interactive. I asked her to start ESOL classes then at Aaina to see if we could develop her English skills further.


Over the course of the next 2 appointments there has been a significant change in Amina, she still has her daughter with her just in case she doesn’t understand however the majority of the review is now lead by Amina her English skills have improved massively and she is also now learning how to use a computer so in the long term she can apply for jobs herself. Amina is now also encouraged to use English at home for continued development. Amina is going to the Aaina centre 4 days a week 3 for ESOL 1 for socialising, both Amina’s English Language and confidence have grown in the last 4 months that even her family are noticing the change in her. Although Amina still has quite a way to go she is on the right track and with the improvement that has been made in the last 4 months should this continue she will be in a better position to gain employment and move herself closer to the labour market.