Anne worked with 3SC and MTIB on SES

Anne at MTIB


The Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind (MTIB) delivers the Specialist Employability Support (SES) programme for 3SC/RNC in South Wales and is a long-standing charity with experience of supporting individuals living with disabilities and disadvantages into employment.

In April 2016 MTIB received a referral for Anne who lives with Aniridia which means that the iris of her eye has not formed correctly, affecting her vision. Anne has significant sight loss and is classed as Registered Blind, although she does have some limited vision requiring aids and adaptations in the workplace to work independently.

Anne was assigned an advisor who has worked closely with her to identify suitable job opportunities and to improve her employability skills. She had been unemployed for about 4 years before she was referred to SES and was a carer for both foster children and her parents throughout this time. Anne already had extensive work experience and before being signposted to SES, applied for a job with the Alzheimer’s Society. We were very happy to be able to support her into this job as a BME Information Officer, which she started in May 2016.

Anne is also a qualified social worker and has experience in this field as well as in fostering. 

It was identified that although the job had been secured, support was required to ensure that the appropriate aids and support would be put in place in order for Anne to succeed in this role. We worked closely together to progress the Access to Work application.

SES has provided Anne and her employer with contact support as well as support with her ATW application and both note that this has been invaluable.

In addition to this support, the SES Advisor has been working with Anne to increase her employability skills by updating and reviewing her CV, developing skills for completing application forms and also updating her interview skills by training sessions and mock interviews. Anne is conscious that her current job is a 1 year contract to May 2017 and she wants to be prepared and have the skills in order to apply for alternative positions if needed. She is developing in her role and hopes that the work she does will demonstrate a further need for this post.

Anne’s long term plans are to remain in employment and ideally increase her hours. She feels that her role has allowed her to develop and that she has had an impact on the community where she works. When asked about SES and her advisor, this was her response:

"The programme has provided me with very good support and has been delivered in a non-patronising manner. I feel like an ordinary person when speaking to the advisor. We have an equal relationship - this has been a real bonus. It is fundamental to have support from specialist providers when going back into work in terms of making the transition successful. Knowledge of a person’s condition specific needs is very important and has been provided in my case."