Client L

Client L was referred in for a 10 day specified activity after an offence involving alcohol. L was not known to services and would avoid working with professionals due to trauma she sustained in her past. Throughout the sessions L engaged with the work she was completing,  barriers were overcome by having a needs centred, service user led holistic approach at all times and her trust in the service and her worker continued to develop.

Part of the sessions were around her self-esteem and confidence so groups were included. L said she found these a huge benefit, looking at issues with other women that had experiences they could share in a safe, supportive environment.

L completed her specified number of RAR days and continues to engage voluntarily. Her order has now been taken back to court and revoked due to good progress. L reduced her alcohol units from 40 per week to 10 and has seen significant improvements in her physical and mental health, she reports better family relationships as a result of completing work on conflict resolution and has gained a voluntary post through attending the alcohol group.