The majority of his offending from his teens had centred on burglaries to fund his alcohol and cocaine lifestyle. DP was in a Probation Bail Hostel and had done relatively well, although he was still drinking sporadically when he came to the house. DP had been in IOM accommodation before.

Between the years of 2010 and 2015 DP was involved in countless offences involving burglary and theft, deception, handling stolen goods, receiving stolen goods and a few offences of ABH. DP was firmly ingrained in this lifestyle and had served quite a few prison sentences but had returned to his old ways on release.

The first thing we talked about with DP was his lifestyle choices and to go through the common denominator that was obvious to us and that was his alcohol and drug use.

Once DP had recognised what part this was playing in his offending we engaged him in our Substance Misuse Groups at New Road, Relapse Prevention, Access Group, Mindfulness Course, Gym and the Alcohol Abstinence Group. On top of this DP had keywork with both myself and Les trail (Drug intervention program) as well as appointments with his Case Manager.

DP recognised that he needed structure in his life and the formation of that structure had to be positive in order for him to progress. The Relapse Prevention Group taught him to recognise early signs of relapse and what to do about them when they arose’ such as mixing with old associates or going to familiar places. The Access Group pointed out the things that DP should be looking at on a daily basis such as starting to formulate a plan for his future that included getting some skills that may help him into employment.

The outcomes for DP from being in the house for 6 months were that he stopped offending’ stopped using illicit drugs’ understands his alcohol limits and is now working for B&Q after we put him through his CSCS card and Forklift licence.

DP moved out of the IOM House to move in with his partner in Southampton.

One of the major factors that led to such a positive outcome for DP was the structured environment of the House and the fact that the staff had personal experience of being in the situation that DP found himself. Another huge factor for DP was that he was living away from his area of Millbrook in Southampton and didn’t have to associate with negative peers which gave him thinking space to make the right choices.

“The IOM house has helped me to get my life in some sort of shape and I don’t think for one minute that I would be working without their help” DP

“I found the staff listened to me and I liked the fact they had done a lot of the things I done” DP

“Because I have been at this house previously and found it helped me in many ways, such as me being able to be independent, being around a drug free environment. The staff help motivate me and involved me in activities. I believe I would progress better there as I’m drug free and moving forward to a positive crime free future” DP

DP really took stock of himself this time round and not only did he take the advice he was given but he took action on the advice which has had a really positive outcome for him.