Talent Match - Hannah

Hannah joined Talent Match after hearing about it during a projects talk. Before joining onto the project she had wanted to go back to college however did not know how to go about this or how to proceed. During the summer break she became lost in what to do, until she heard about Talent Match.

After joining onto Talent Match, Hannah undertook several varieties of activities including reading workshops. These have helped her not only improve her reading but also her confidence and the ability to socialise with others. One of the activities involved travelling to London to attend a workshop, she had experienced a fun day and enjoyed the social aspects. 

Since being on Talent Match, Hannah has now gone back to college to do work skills which she believes she is not only good at but also enjoys. She has mentioned that she would like to recommend the project to other individuals as it has benefited her so greatly and helped her when she was finding it hard.

Hannah has been quoted on saying "Talent Match is fun and i like doing the workshops in groups".