Harriet, Lucy and Bhavia

Harriet, Lucy and Bhavia

Three Jobs Growth Wales employees are inviting  businesses in South Wales  to help and sponsor their new project to  'keep children safe online’. Harriet Horne, Lucy Richards and Bhavia Perushotharmen have been taken on by Unitalk Ltd, a technology and software company  with an office in Cardiff. They have been given a great opportunity by the Jobs Growth Wales programme to learn valuable new skills and continue the employment after 6 months. As a special initiative in line with their strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibly, the CEO has offered them an opportunity to head up a  project that addresses an ever increasing problem of Internet safety and the dangers that can face children.

The three girls have a variety of talents which compliment each other perfectly. Lucy is developing the business and keeping a careful eye on the structure and project finances, Harriet is running the administration and Bhavia is responsible for putting together a website and collaborating online advertising with their sponsors. The girls are on their second month with JGW and their aim is to work with businesses around South Wales gaining sponsorship, support and raising funds to build a totally safe online community for children. The project has established great links with local organisations who focus on cyber bullying and delivering workshops to schools. In return the group are giving their sponsors massive advertising and PR opportunities via their fundraising magazine, website, newsletters  and by working with their staff.

Unitalk has already had experience with building safe websites and their Smileytalk website won South Wales innovation of the year award in 2012 .

Harriet  said " Not only has the Jobs Growth Wales programme given me a really interesting job but I feel that I am doing something that helps our community and addresses the important issue of keeping children safe online."

Lucy commented “We loved our core training with Unitalk and hope we are successful in securing a job shortly. We are meeting so many interesting businesses who want to offer their support and I feel that my confidence has really increased since starting work.”

If you would like to know more or offer your support , maybe sponsor their project or provide help in other areas please contact the girls on 02920 003 002