Howard has been subject to various community orders and conditional discharges including a custodial with offences ranging from theft, burglary, public orders, drug offences and firearms spanning from 1980-2015.

Following the expiration of his temporary Bail Accommodation Support Service housing, he faced homelessness. There was a significant risk that given Howard's history, without a place to live, he was susceptible to reoffending. It was deemed by Probation he would benefit from the structure and support of The IOM House.

Howard said: “My life before wasn’t good… I still had that criminal mind-set and bad behaviours that came with it!  Not trusting, dishonesty and not open minded.  I’d wake up every morning feeling bad about me and everyone else and wanting to get drugs, I needed to use… I needed to not feel!!!”

Prior to entering The House Howard recognised his previous lapses of substance abuse had been triggered by emotional anxiety linked to relationship breakdowns so felt living in a supported environment would provide additional boundaries and detract from his method of drug use to deal with this in the past.

Howard has now lived in the accomodation since August 2016 engaging in a number of activities, groups and meetings such as acupuncture, fellowship meetings (now a committee member), Moving Forward Project (managed by SSJ, PUSH and Probation), computer training via Learning Places, 1:1 engagements with The Hub (drug services) and Indurative Thinking Course all of which is traversing his stay at the IOM House and is getting a lot of growth from this.

Direct interventions from within the house has seen Howard responding well to 1:1 support from staff where he has been able to work on  not only recognising emotions but also learn to control them by noticing, identifying and labelling feelings.  Howard has continued to improve in this area considerably.  

With determination and desire to make changes, Howard has made not only, within his lifestyle, but also his thinking pattern has demonstrated an ability to maintain and continue making decisions which emotionally benefit himself while also being mindful as to how his actions affect others.  On a daily basis he helps elderly, disabled neighbours with the care of their dog and also is exploring volunteer opportunities with a local charity shop.

Howard moved in to the IOM House in September 2016 and during these last 10 months has not committed any crimes or used illicit substances

Howard said: “The care that I received when I came into the IOM House!!!, It was different to whatever I have experienced in the past. Without the house I’d have most probably still be committing crime, in prison or dead… that was my reality. Thanks to the staff, I really good support network, I have friends and now my family is back in my life… it’s more than I could have ever imagined!  Honesty is in my life!”