Studying Students

JJ is in year 10 and started the project in October 2013. Since starting the project JJ has shown a substantial improvement in his attitude to learning, his behaviour in and out of school and has also improved his attendance. Before starting the project JJ displayed negative behaviour in class and had a poor attitude towards his work. He did not value education and believed it was a waste of his time.

JJ is dyslexic and has real difficulty reading and writing. This can be challenging for JJ as he doesn’t always understand the work in class and has explained he is too embarrassed to ask for help in front of other peers. Therefore, he would either display negative behaviour or would often truant and not attend certain lessons.  

JJ reluctantly began the project and saw both the project worker and teacher on a 1:1 basis twice a week. Nearly a year on JJ’s confidence has dramatically improved, especially with regards to his English and Maths. He now has a career plan and has got himself a part time job in that field, something that he would never have considered before. As he has shown interest for this type of work, it has been decided that in year 11 JJ will be attending college twice a week to help him develop and enhance his skills.

JJ’s behaviour in class has improved and he has received positive comments from teachers for the first time which have been noted on the SIMS database. JJ has disclosed that he feels his relationship with teachers in school have improved due to gaining more respect.

JJ’s rapport with both project worker and teacher is excellent and he comfortably confides in both if any difficulties arise. JJ has asked if he can continue with the project next year to support him in improving his reading and writing as he wants to focus on gaining his GCSE’s to get into college when he leaves school.