KJ was referred to us on the 21/07/15 from DWP, he had lost all faith in finding full-time work after been out of work, and this had resulting in him losing motivation and loss of self-worth.    

The first thing we did was to discuss his personal needs, how the project could work for him.  He needed a review of his cv as to make it fit for purpose, as well as contacting local employer including a local courier agency that was only down the road from him.   They offered a trail work expanses of one evening a week the client had problems with interviews and coping with stress.  Therefore, we talked this tough and did training with him.

The next stage was to set up an appointment with the courier agency   A mock interview took on the 17/09/15 as to have him ready for the informal interview with the Courier. 

He attend the interview with the Courier on the 18/09/15.   On the 18/09/15, he was offered the position with them to start on the 28/09/15.

He is now too started on the 28th and we will be looking to help him with work wear as to have him ready for the 30+ hour contracted that they have offered.    I was very happy with his progress as in 3 months he was back in Full time work, with the support and help that we have given him.