Mr. Jones

Shaw Trust

Mr. Jones was referred onto the Post Work Programme Support scheme through 3SC. He had lost all faith in finding full-time work, after leaving university a few years ago he had only been able to get short term positions of a month at a time.  

The first item to discuss was his personal needs and explaining how the project can affect his attempts at full-time employment. He needed a review of his cv as to make it fit for purpose, as well as this, interview training was undertaken. 

Shaw Trust discussed the offer of work experiences that could lead to employment for him and he was very interested. Following on an appointment was set up with a local Electrical company. Before the appointment had taken place, they conducted a mock interview as to prepare Mr Jones.

He is now on work experience and at the end of this week will find out if he has been successful, all feedback so far is very good and Mr. Jones as well as the placement provider are very impressed with the project.