Mr. T

Shaw Trust

Mr T first came to Shaw Trust on 19th August 2015. Mr T explained he had been out of work since 2010 as he has disabled children and was finding child care a huge barrier to him, he also felt that interview skills and the gap on his CV were putting up barriers.

In the initial interview we discussed Mr T returning to work and he explained that he felt ready but child care was going to be a bigger issues as his partner was expecting another baby (no 5) within the next few days.

Shaw Trust immediately took Mr T to meet Carmarthenshire People First who are a charity that specialise in supporting people with a learning difficulty. Sarah the manager was able to give Mr T invaluable advice surrounding services available for the children. Mr T immediately felt a weight lifted off his mind.

Mr T explained to Gemma that he was looking for an admin role and she explained about Scarlet a call centre in Carmarthen currently recruiting staff via CMO Recruitment. James was interested in the post so Gemma arranged an interview for the next working day.

Gemma and Mr T spent some time discussing the interview and went through a booklet and Gemma introduced him to techniques to remain calm and assertive in the interview, Gemma was also able to accompany Mr T to the interview building offering last minute hints, tips, advice and most importantly calming techniques.

CMO contacted Gemma within 25 minutes of the interview to offer MR T the post and Mr T is over the moon. Mr T has been employed full time since 24th August 2015. (Just in time as the baby came 3 days later).