Mr. X

Mr X completed a Basic Custody Screening Part 2 and was due to be released from prison ten days later. After completing his Screening Mr. X and the Catch22 resettlement worker had to get going on his re-settlement plan straight away.

Mr X had previously been diagnosed with mental health needs and was therefore at risk of serious harm as a result of having a history of self-harm and multiple suicide attempts. To ensure that Mr X was properly supported, they initially liaised with the Primary Mental Health Team (PMHT). The PMHT saw him 2 days after the initial referral and Mr X remained on an ACCT (risk of serious harm list) to protect his health until his release date. 

After he was released from prison the Catch22 resettlement worker contacted Mr X’s probation officer from Hampshire Isle of Wight probation service and was put into contact with a P3 worker who had previously been working with Mr X and had already started to build a relationship with him. P3 and Catch22 worked together to secure accommodation for Mr X at a society of St James placement. Even though initially Mr X declined the housing placement he was offered, it was explained to him that not accepting this placement would make him appear as intentionally homeless under the Council's view and therefore was advised to accept his placement at Foster Road. Catch22 also explained that as this placement was close to his Grandmother’s home, he would still be able to maintain a relationship with her whilst also getting the support he needed from the Society of St James.

Catch22 have seen Mr X again recently and he expressed feeling a lot better, less anxious and very grateful for the support he got whilst in prison and on his release.