OT had a disruptive upbringing and spent significant periods of his life being street homeless. His mother made him leave home at thirteen. He has troublesome relationships with both of his parents; his mother suffers from Encephalitis which apparently has resulted in brain damage, and led to many violent arguments; his father, who suffers with Schizophrenia, has numerous health and mental problems due to alcohol and drug use. OT has no contact with any of his wider family as he feels that “they all hate me”.

OT demonstrates a high level of anger towards his family members. The relationships he has outside of his immediate family are also very dysfunctional.  

At 21, OT has accrued a string of convictions mainly for theft, drugs, and assaults. He is currently on court bail, subject to a curfew, and charged with handling stolen goods and supplying drugs. When he was referred to us he was firmly entrenched in this lifestyle.



OT was referred to P3 at the beginning of August 2015. In the past 6 weeks the following work has been done:

  • Support to engage with IOM Probation.
  • Debt management work liaising with the Marston Group around previously unpaid court fines.
  • Set up benefits claim, which OT is now receiving.
  • A significant amount of role modelling, motivational work, and challenge towards OT’s entrenched attitudes and thinking.
  • Some work around drug use – despite continued use of cannabis, OT has recently ceased his previous daily use of the NSP Spice and his weekend use of cocaine.
  • Initial preparatory work to get OT in the right place to attend the induction Fairbridge program at Princes Trust.
  • Enrolment into a Princes Trust program, for which he has now been accepted.
  • Engaged OT with Education and Training to attain a CSCS card for employment.



So where from here?

  • OT will begin his Princes Trust program next week.
  • He will be working towards his CSCS card.
  • Support with the court process.
  • Support liaising with Social Services to facilitate OT seeing his son.
  • Further actions to reflect and work towards OT’s overall goals.



“Since you been helping me, and sharing experiences of change, I’m thinking maybe I can change too. Cos of the amount of time you give me, I feel like someone’s got my back and it gives me some hope that I could think about being a good role model for my son, and earning the doe to feed him legally; show him right. I’ve never worked, in fact I feel like I done more good stuff in the last few weeks than I done in my whole life. How sad is that? I hadn’t thought about doing anything else before, cos I didn’t think I could. Now I want to work towards getting a job and doing things proper. I have enough respect for you and what you guys do.”