Pam works for Empower based in Ynysboeth which is nestled in the hills north of Cardiff.  Empower supports the voluntary sector. Pam manages the office and relationships with voluntary organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Communities First.

Pam lives with a condition more commonly known as ‘tennis elbow’ which affects her work and has a knock on effect on her overall health and well-being. Her colleague, Owen, told her about Access to Work so Pam decided to contact DWP Access to Work (details about how to do this are below).

Pam had a short chat with her DWP Access to Work Advisor and in only ten days she had already been visited by a 3SC Assessor who identified some solutions to help her in work and arranged for DWP Access to Work to approve these items.

3SC visited snowy Ynysboeth and saw first-hand the difference Pam’s adjustable chair, wrist supports and monitor stand makes to her daily, working life. The difference it has made is clear…

Pam said, ‘I didn’t expect so much help and I’m so glad to get all the stuff.  It’s a service that so many people don’t know of, it’s brilliant and helpful and has made the world of difference to me’.

Without support from Access to Work and the extremely timely manner in which 3SC deliver the assessments, Pam’s health, work performance and well-being would have been negatively affected.

More information about Access to Work can be found here :