Work Programme

Four Contract Areas - Yorkshire, Humberside, West Midlands and East London.

Post Work Programme Support

The Flexible Support Fund (FSF) in JCP District of South West Wales is used to fund the Post Work Programme Support provision. This contract specifically assist claimants who may never have worked before or may come from a background or history of family worklessness. 3SC Delivery Organisations work with these claimants, to help them tackle challenges and barriers that maybe preventing them from starting or returning to work. The journey to employment for this group of claimants can be complex and for many, the first step is to engage with the concept that work is a possibility and then move onto the practical steps of making this a reality.

The Post Work Programme Support provision is intended to build on activities undertaken on the Work Programme and to offer innovative and intensive support to help move claimants into employment, and also linking in with the Governments Social Justice key priorities.   

Access to Work

3SC is a prime contractor for Access to Work in Wales, and is one of just 7 prime contractors in the UK.  We work with six delivery organisations, including national charities such as RNIB and RAD as well as specialist assessment centres such as RNCE Ability Net and smaller providers.  This is a DWP service which employs specialist advisers who undertake assessments and deliver a grant to help pay for practical support for those in work who have a disability, health or mental health condition.

Specialist Employment Support

3SC works as a sub partner to the Royal National Colleague for the Blind (RNC) and commands a supply chain of in excess of 20 organisations to deliver this pan UK contract. The programme is designed to assist customers with a visual impairment who are at risk of exclusion from the job market. To secure and sustain employment or self-employment through an individually tailored combination of guidance, learning in the workplace, work experience and training. This includes helping participants to overcome barriers to enable them to either secure sustainable employment or to become suitable for wider provision following intensive support.