The National Consortium of Social Enterprises (NCSE) has been created in response to the demand from the public service commissioner market (via NOMS) to have more social enterprises in supply chains and it aims to make it easier for public sector commissioners to contract from social enterprises.

The NCSE is delivered by a partnership between 3SC, Social Firms UK and Social Enterprise UK and funded by NOMS CFO and the European Social Fund. This unique consortium offers VCSEs plus local & regional consortia opportunities to be part of national contracts to deliver their diverse and innovative services throughout England.

The NCSE aims to:

  • Increase the prospects for social enterprises seeking to win public sector business;
  • Support the growth of a social enterprise employment market that improves the potential and increase the opportunities for offenders and other severely  provides real, sustainable jobs for disadvantaged people such as ex-offenders; long term unemployed.

We know that public service contracts are a major contributor to the growth of the social enterprise sector, but they can be difficult to access and win and this consortium seeks to address some of the key challenges social enterprises have in winning public sector business. As a member of 3SC, we want you to maximise your opportunities to generate further income.

To be eligible to become part of the NCSE, your organisation must meet the definition below of a social enterprise:

  • A business that has a clear social or environmental mission set out in its governing documents;
  • At least half of any profits or surpluses should be reinvested or donated towards that social purpose;
  • They should be an independent business and earn more than half of their income through trading (or are working towards this);
  • They are transparently governed, controlled or owned in the interests of their social mission;
  • There is a tangible offer to employ and promote sustainable employment opportunities for offenders and other disadvantaged individuals.

If you would like further information on the NCSE please contact us