3SC’s Third Sector consortia help significant numbers of people into employment


3SC’s Third Sector consortia help significant numbers of people into employment

A pioneering social enterprise that works to help charities deliver government programmes has supported significant numbers of people in finding and staying in work.

3SC is a UK leader in creating local consortia of charities and social enterprises that enable smaller third sector organisations to compete for – and deliver – large public service programmes.

Working with a number of third sector organisations across the West Midlands and North Yorkshire and Humber, 3SC is committed to helping people back into employment – and to ensuring local communities benefit from its innovative approach; prioritising social value and utilising third sector skills.

Established in 2009 3SC has created partnerships with charities and social enterprises, national and local government and the private sector as a way of increasing charity, community and social enterprise involvement in public service delivery.

Previous 3SC successes, which have also contributed to its landmark target of assisting people of all ages, include:

·         Jobs Growth Wales, in which 3SC created employment opportunities for young people categorised as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

·         Integr8; a Greater London Authority programme in which 3SC led a chain of third sector organisations in supporting young people who had been excluded from school

  ·         Talent Match London; Big Lottery Fund programme in which 3SC helped place youngsters with disabilities into a 2-year engagement programme focussed on employment opportunities

·         Bridgend Futures; a Welsh Communities First programme which helped people of all ages to access education, employment and training. 

·         Work Programme across the West Midlands, the North East and East London

3SC Chief Executive, Martyn Oliver, said:

“We have reached a milestone in the number of people our fantastic consortia have helped find work. This is a tribute to the skill, local knowledge and a passionate commitment to the people we serve that only charities and social enterprises can bring.

“We’re proving there’s a clear way to help people into work - utilising skills and boosting the economy – while also ensuring social value is dramatically increased.

“The innovative, local consortia that we work with are breaking boundaries every day. Not only have we helped significant numbers of people find work, and stay in it, we’re also making sure the communities around those people feel the benefit.

“We work with the third sector to deliver these programmes because it has the expertise, ethos and skills to provide services that put people and their communities first.

“Our innovative partners have changed many thousands of lives already. Our ambition is to improve tens of thousands more.”