3SC Jobs Growth Wales employer featured in 10,000th job celebration

To celebrate 10,000 employees on Jobs Growth Wales, the Welsh Government invited us to be involved with a promotional video along with Mike and Nathan from Aspray. We are delighted to have employers like Aspray on board providing great vacancies.

Mike Hampshire owns a building company called Aspray that specialises in managing building insurance claims. Aspray has been operating for the past 4 years with the business steadily growing, and as a result decided to take on another labourer that could work to the high standard they expect of all their employees. Mike Hampshire heard through an acquaintance about 3SC and Jobs Growth Wales and believed it was a great way to hire a young person who has been out of work. Due to Nathan’s success, Aspray are looking forward to working with 3SC again in the future to hire another young person through Jobs Growth Wales.


After 3 weeks of the vacancy advertised they interviewed suitable candidates and came to the decision to hire Nathan. Almost immediately Nathan blended well with the team and proved himself to be a hard worker and a great asset to the company. Nathan says “ Without 3SC and the Jobs Growth Wales scheme I’d still be out of work and claiming benefits, this 6 month contract has given me the opportunity to get back to work after being laid-off and has been a real boost to my confidence.  I really enjoy working with Aspray and the variety of work means I am learning things every day, one day I’m pulling down ceilings and the next I’m helping re-tile a bathroom or replace a flat roof, this is helping me gain vital experience”

Mike added “We are looking forward to continuing to work with Nathan in the future, as we grow hopefully there will be more opportunity for us to use 3SC to help us gain another equally motivated and keen young person. I’d have no hesitation in recommending 3SC to anyone looking to recruit new members of staff, they’ve been great and everything was surprisingly straight forward.”