Autumn - Winter 2016/17 has been the season of assessments at 3SC…..

Autumn - Winter 2016/17 has been the season of assessments at 3SC…..

Merlin - During September 2016; RNC’s delivery of the Specialist Employment Support (SES) contract (delivered by a consortium of Delivery Organisations and managed by 3SC) was subject to a Merlin Assessment. 

The assessors praised “a robust contract management approach of Delivery Organisations that ensure value for money both for the Prime contractor and for the commissioner’. One of the bi-products of contract management is that of being able to deliver a cost effective (value for money) and reliable service to a high standard. The rapid development of an appropriate supply chain network which meets the commissioners and customers’ needs. With National coverage and use of wider networks outside the formal supply chain, the design is very effective and meets multiple stakeholder needs."

In support of the Assessment findings, RNC said: “We selected to work with 3SC as it gave us the ability to be up and running really quickly, the commissioner needed assurances that the supply chain was in place and would be able to support quickly, we felt it was the best way to ensure this happened”

The assessment team interviewed 3SC staff, Key representatives of RNC and representatives of the 15 Delivery Organisations. Those teams who deliver a range of services on behalf of RNC were also interviewed and their views noted where they replied to the ‘on-line’ questionnaire. A number of documents were made available for the team to review.  Their findings on the whole were very positive and encouraging, sighting that the cascade of information was considered to be highly appropriate and useful whilst the contracting processes were found to be effective, fair and equitable. They also felt that the Contract Performance Manager has developed good levels of trust across the Delivery Organisation network and is actively sharing good practice which has fostered a culture of trust and commitment to each other.

I’ve always found them(3SC) to be honest and straightforward, they don’t hide anything from us. I think that’s the way they operate” – Delivery Organisation

The full report can be found at merlinstandard.

PAT - A Provider Assurance Team (PAT) audit was conducted by Department for Work and Pension officials in January, again for the RNC SES contract. This audit reviews systems of internal control that Contracted Employment Provision (CEP) providers have in place. During a PAT audit, CEP providers undergo a rigorous assessment of their governance, risk management and other control arrangements to ensure taxpayer funded contracts are being administered properly.

The PAT process is complete and we expect a full report along with an announcement of the awarded rating shortly.
Thanks must go to all of our Delivery Organisation partners,RNC and 3SC staff who worked hard to make sure we deliver the best possible services. We have shown that the third sector is more than capable of delivering government contracts to the highest possible standards.

ISO – In February it was the turn of ISO assessments at 3SC, we are very happy to report that following a rigorous assessment, 3SC have successfully retained ISO 9001 (Quality), 27001(Information Security) and 14001(Environmental) standards for the 3rd year running.

HMP audit – During a recent HM Prisons audit of our TR contract management, findings were very positive, and highlighted the effectiveness of our information sharing events and our sharing of good practice with our consortia Delivery Organisations.

All of the above accreditations and standards are absolutely key in our ability to retain current contracts and bid for future contracts. They give assurance to Commissioners and Partners that we have appropriate controls systems and processes in place to deliver excellence.

Thank you all for your support in preparation for and during all of the assessments we have undertaken so far this year…..