Business Development News

This month, 3SC’s Business Development Team has continued to pursue new opportunities for our members in the criminal justice, employability and NEET markets.

Criminal Justice (Transforming Rehabilitation, NOMS Round 3, and the Secure Training Centres re-tender)

NOMS Round 3

The ITT period for the NOMS Round 3 programme has now opened, and will close on September 19th 2014.   The programme will involve working with offenders with the most complex needs, and helping them to become employment-ready and get into work. Support will start in custody, and move through the gate into the community.  NOMS have emphasised their intention to secure a high level of VCSE sector involvement in the delivery of services under this agenda, and we at 3SC also believe the VCSE have a key role in developing the necessary service solutions.

The programme will be competed across 9 regional areas.   We are currently engaging commercial partners who we may work alongside to deliver a complete solution, and will be issuing Expressions of Interest for this competition to 3SC members as soon as we can confirm which of the areas we will be competing in. We expect this to happen by the beginning of September.

In the meantime, if you are a social enterprise interested in delivering services for NOMS Round 3, please register immediately with the NCSE at,or for more information get in touch with Philippa Harris, Projects Officer for the NCSE at


Work Programme: CPA 18

The DWP is retendering the portion of Work Programme provision being delivered by NCG in CPA 18 (North East Yorkshire and the Humber). 3SC has a strong VCSE supply chain for Work Programme services in this area, and is currently engaging potential primes to look at how this supply chain can support a winning proposal. If you have any queries relating to our Work Programme: CPA 18 offer, please contact Ian Thurlby-Campbell at .


Youth Engagement Fund

The Youth Engagement Fund is a £16 million payment by results fund, jointly funded by the Cabinet Office, Department of Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Justice. It aims to help disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 17 to participate and succeed in education or training, and avoid becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). This will improve their employability, reduce their long term dependency on benefits, and reduce their likelihood of offending. The programme follows after the pattern of the DWP Innovation Fund, and will be supported by social impact bonds (SIBs) that protect both the commissioner and delivery partners from financial risks. Government will only pay if initiatives are successful and lead to positive outcomes, and delivery partners will have their costs guaranteed through the bonds. 3SC runs a successful Innovation Fund project in Wales, and is looking to build upon this success through the Youth Engagement Fund. We have submitted an Initial Application Form (IAF) and will be notified in early October of whether we have been selected to go through to the ITT stage. If you have any queries relating to our Youth Engagement Fund proposals, please contact Ian Thurlby-Campbell at .