Delivery Partner of the Month - Shores

Shores Centre

Shores are a registered charity committed to community support and development with localised solutions.  In a relatively short space of time they have become recognised for their effective delivery of various government initiatives.  Shores run a range of social enterprises within health and social care, hospitality, employment and training, deliver infrastructure support and manage a local radio station.

They currently deliver the 3SC Work Programme consortium for NCG in North Yorkshire and Humber, working with long term unemployed customers over a two year programme to place them into meaningful and sustainable employment.  They provide services from the challenging coastal areas of Bridlington and Scarborough but also have a wider footprint across the region. They have extensive experience of working with vulnerable customers and those with barriers to employment including: lone parents; those with mental and physical disabilities; the long-term unemployed; migrants and refugees; ex-offenders; and BAME groups.

Their teams of dedicated advisors deliver support to customers through a personalised programme of intensive 1:2:1 support, group sessions, employability training, and access to drop-in facilities. Support ranges from confidence building and motivation, job search skills, interview preparation and practical support such travel expenses and interview clothes.  Once they have found a customer the right job they provide on-going in work support from an advisor who has built their trust and can assist them through difficult periods.

Shores have put innovation at the heart of their delivery. This supports customers to overcome challenging barriers and address employers' reservations about employing people that have been long term unemployed. They know and are trusted by the communities they serve, and understand and champion local issues to create positive outcomes for local residents.