New Contract for ESA Customers

We were pleased to be notified recently that 3SC’s application to deliver the ESA Support Contract in Chesterfield was successful. Working with our partners, the Babbington Group, we will be delivering a programme which aims to improve the employment prospects of customers and have at least 80% of customers completing the six-week programme.

Of these customers, 35% will enter employment and of those, 30% will sustain employment for 4 weeks. Whilst these numbers are challenging, we are confident that through our person-centred intervention, that these targets canh be achieved.

The service aims to provide intensive support, build momentum and motivate individual customers by enhancing their employability prospects. Each customer receives an initial in depth diagnostic and planning interview upon referral to the provision with a dedicated mentor. As a result of this interview, a detailed Work Plan for each customer will be created. Over the course of the six week programme, customers will work through the plan with a view to moving into employment.

We will also be supporting customers once they achieve employment for an additional 13 weeks. We hope this extra support will help them to stay employed and support them through the transition.

Whilst the contract is in the very early stages, initial results look good with some customers already enjoying interviews with fantastic opportunities in the pipeline.