Spotlight on ... Community Change Foundation

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CCF (Community Change Foundation) are a Charity based in Manchester, dedicated to improving the lives of young people within the local community by providing mentoring based support in both one to one and group settings. They have previously delivered successful courses through the ICO teams to Black Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) offenders. They use a holistic, resilience & desistance based mentoring model to empower people to make positive, informed choices about their future, improving not only their own lives but those of the people in the communities around them. CCF are currently working on a Transforming Rehabilitation project delivering mentoring training courses accredited to level 2.  

CCF have demonstrated time and again their invaluable work helping support individuals in areas such as Social Care, Education, Probation etc. CCF were one of the first partners to win the ‘Grant Fund’ under Transforming Rehabilitation and, together with CRC/3SC, over the last five months have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the customers. The service being delivered is vital to Service Users; having a one stop shop of support from trained Mentors. The support they offer to tackle these barriers demonstrably helps to prevent re-offending, offering a vital route to a brighter future for service users.