TR Delivery Organisations Survey Report

3SC, with Interserve, recently launched a survey inviting all our Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) Delivery Organisations to give us their views on 3SC’s ways of working.

Overall the responses to working with 3SC, our approach to Contract Management, Support and Communication were very positive;  Key points include:

  • 93% agree or strongly agree that the level of support provided by their 3SC Contract Performance Manager is appropriate to the provision that they deliver.
  • 99% agree or strongly agree that 3SC’s Due Diligence process is easy to follow and 88% agree or strongly agree that the support provided by 3SC during the Due Diligence process is appropriate. 
  • 88% agree or strongly agree that working with 3SC had a positive impact on their organisation.
  • 81% agree or strongly agree that the Contract Performance Assessment (CPA) process is appropriate to the provision that they deliver.
  • 89% agree or strongly agree that 3SC responds to queries in a timely manner with 99% of respondents aware of who they should contact with any queries.
  • 64% of respondents agree or strongly agree that 3SC has enabled them to deliver programmes they would not otherwise have been part of.
  • 84% of respondents agree or strongly agree that applying for the grant and Innovation Fund is straightforward, and 3/4 of respondents (for who it was applicable) thought that the support from 3SC throughout the process was good.

There are a few opportunities for further improvement highlighted which we will continue to work on with our DOs, these include;

  • Further improve the reach, range and content of 3SC communication.
  • Ensure proportionality is applied to processes particularly Due Diligence and Contract Performance Management.
  • Ensure support provided by 3SC will support the development of  capacity within the DO

Testimonials and feedback include:

‘I cannot speak too highly of (our CPM) support throughout. Not only was she crucial in ensuring that compliance standards were met, but she also got involved in the courses we ran, making sure she understood the nuances of our delivery, where the stress lines existed with the wider partnership and providing advice and contacts that enabled us to address issues and resolve problems. Without this unique provision, ensuring the smooth implementation and ongoing delivery of the project would have been much harder’

‘We have an amazing Contract Manager who is always available and is someone who we can rely on.’

The response was overwhelmingly positive, a real endorsement of the team work and positive relationships developed between Delivery Organisations and 3SC Contract Performance Managers. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those Delivery Organisations who took time out to take part in the survey.  The responses will be used to ensure we continue to strive to deliver a positive and mutually beneficial contract management experience and ultimately a transformative  experience for all our Service Users.

The Report found here contains the full results of the survey and accompanying narrative.