Case Studies / Employment

Steps to Work


Anthony arrived on the WP with excellent references and ethic, he was very enthusiastic about getting back into work and was looking forward to getting started. The team helped Anthony update his skills, mainly through job search support and he was also able to access Money Advice Service support.
Steps To Work


Janet had been out of work since 2008 , a number of years ago she was employed as an Order Picker and Housekeeper. After speaking to her JCP Adviser, she started on the Work Programme (West Midlands) with Steps to Work.
Construction work


Mr. Jones joined onto the Post Work Programme Support scheme in May this year. He had been out of work for a long period of time due to transport and CSCS renewals. He has now gained employment since June and is progressing well.
Shaw Trust


Mr. Jones was referred onto the Post Work Programme Support scheme through 3SC. He had lost faith in finding full-time employment due to repeat unsuccessful attempts. Shaw Trust helped develop the skills he needed and the opportunities towards leading to his goal.


Miss. Smith is a participant on the Post Work Programme Support scheme whom quickly found employment through the combined efforts of 3SC and the Shaw Trust delivery organisation.
Steven - Gwasg Pia


3SC assisted Steven in finding full-time employment through the use of the Jobs Growth Wales scheme. This positioned him with a 26-week period in which his wages were funded.


Amy is a participant on the Jobs Growth Wales Scheme with The Matrix Advantage. Throughout her time working there she has contributed towards new and innovative ideas such as the implementation of the designing T-Shirts project.
Mind Pembrokeshire - Laura


Laura was hired by Mind Pembrokeshire through the Jobs Growth Wales Scheme. Laura has found the experience and skills developed invaluable.
Talent Match - Hannah


Hannah joined onto Talent Match after being informed how it can aid her alongside her time at College. She has since taken part in a variety of different activities which has led to improvement in reading, confidence and social experiences. She found the exercises very helpful and it has assisted her when she was finding things hard.
Harriet, Lucy and Bhavia


Harriet Horne, Lucy Richards and Bhavia Perushotharmen were employed by Unitalk through the Jobs Growth Wales scheme.
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