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Ministry of Justice


The MoJ’s Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) competition has really started to get busy in the last month and it’s about to get even busier. We all know which tier 1 bidders are linked to which CPAs and the tier 1 bidders now have all the data and competition requirements for their best and final offers to be submitted around June/July. The MoJ has been introducing the tier 1 bidders to each of the CPA partners (PCCs, prisons, Local Authorities, etc) and the VCSE will also get a chance to meet the tier 1 bidders.


3SC is delighted to have won a new Contract with Bridgend County Borough Council, working with their Communities First teams to support 90 NEETs and 90 Older people, living in the local communities.
The National Autistic Society


In February 2013, 3SC were commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to improve support for offenders with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD). 3SC are delighted to be working with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD), Dyslexia Action and the National Autistic Society to identify good practice in the delivery of interventions for professionals working in the Criminal Justice System. This is a real team effort so we wanted to recognise all three delivery organisations this month.


Whilst there is no quantification of the number of people with LDD in the criminal justice system, there are consistent reports of a significant proportion of offenders with low levels of literacy, numeracy and people with English as a second language.


I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Bromford Housing Association’s fiftieth birthday events. The issue under discussion was the future of public services, a topic which I am sure you understand is of great interest to me, 3SC and the wider public services community.


Within the first few weeks of our 3SC Cymru team being on board - we are delighted to announce that we have won a new contract in the Bridgend area.
Ministry of Justice


Following last month’s announcement of 3SC’s partnership with one commercial Tier 1 bidder we can confirm that we have secured agreement with at least one other, to develop VCSE sector supply chains in more contract package areas.


Bridgend County Borough Council has awarded the contract to deliver the Younger and Older People Accessing Employment Service (YOPAES) to 3SC in partnership with Creation, Gofal, PRIME Cymru, and Connecting Communities Wales (CCW). Through these partners we will be able to provide personalised support to unemployed Bridgend residents to enable them to remove barriers to work and access employment, from December.
Jobs Growth Wales employer and employee packs


For a young person entering the world of work can be a daunting and anxious time, so 3SC have written a bespoke Employee Handbook; A Helping Hand as You Start Work designed to equip them with the information, support, tips and advice to prepare for working life and conduct themselves appropriately in the workplace.


3SC understands that being able to connect with the customer is crucial to the success of our Jobs Growth Wales delivery. And we want our customers to be able to connect with us through a multitude of different platforms. We therefore have programme profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Flicker.
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