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The 3SC business development update for July
Martyn Oliver


Chief Executive Martyn Oliver's statement.


Update on the Membership for June.
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The first and only Welsh social impact bond is operating for the Capitalise programme with co-investors 3SC and Big Society Capital. The aim is address low achievement in young people and to improve engagement in school.


The June 3SC business development update.


Giving the Transforming Rehabilitation statistics for Wales a closer look, we assess the success factors for VCSE sector organisations in the Criminal Justice Sector marketplace.


Chris Grayling has now reinforced his intention to secure a high level of Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector involvement in the delivery of services under this agenda. This requires a step change in the way the sector works and we have identified some tips if you want to deliver services under this new regime.
Anne Utting, Delivery Manager (Justice)


3SC Welcomes Anne Utting to the Team as our new Delivery Manager (Justice).
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3SC is keen to play a big part in the Transforming Rehabilitation market changes. We were set up to realise the benefit to commissioners of Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations working together to deliver greater impact. 3SC is already working closely with the MoJ to deliver crucial elements of change in the criminal justice market, giving us a unique understanding of commissioner requirements in the forthcoming competition.
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