3SC’s Web Portal Development

3SC delivers cost effective web portals that reduce the manpower required to successfully deliver your contracts

Are 3SC web-portals the right choice for you?

For our portals to be the right solution for your organisation you need to be delivering a contract that would benefit in terms of size, complexity and delivery partners.

We can save you 20%-40% of your labour costs.
That means we can turn 10 staff into 8 (sometimes 6), but we can not turn 2 into 1.

Remember: employees are expensive
When evaluating our proposition, balance it against the cost of full-time employees

Product Life Cycle

All government contracts eventually end. Many contracts have diminishing revenue on the tail end, a time where you still need access to your portal and your data, but reduced traffic and revenue may not justify £1k/m support. With 3SC’s portals you, as the customer, decide when you want to transition from paying for support and updates to merely paying for the hosting costs.

If you wish to explore the costs / capabilities / time frame of commissioning a bespoke webportal
Please contact us on admin@3sc.org