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3SC’s membership scheme provides advice and support to improve your social business and be successful in winning and delivering public sector contracts either as an individual organisation or as part of a 3SC supply chain.

3SC members receive information on tender opportunities and an opportunity to deliver on contracts we win alongside a full range of sector-specific advice and support.  This helps members access, be contract ready to win and also successfully deliver, both large and small public sector contracts. Membership also includes access and signposting to business support across many areas including funding, business development, social impact evaluation and marketing.

Alongside these valuable support services, 3SC membership also offers an opportunity to join an influential group of charities and social organisations providing a united voice in challenging the current issues within public procurement processes that provide a barrier to so many third sector organisations. Join us in pushing through changes that enable all third sector organisations, particularly smaller ones, greater access to government contracts and the opportunity to be able to compete for them on a level playing field.

3SC has supported and enabled the third sector to access more than £84million since its inception.  In 2018-19 alone we supported our supply chains to access in excess of £8million. We have always been committed to delivering public services through local, passionate, mission driven, social organisations who deliver the crucial social impact and outcomes that are needed in person centred public services.

We know that change is required in procurement processes in all areas of local and central government. We are committed to making those changes happen and invite you to join us as a 3SC Member.

You can join for free and benefit from limited services as an Associate Member or become a Full Member for a small annual fee.

What benefits do I get as an Associate or Full Member?
Benefit Associate Member Full Member
Sector Updates – containing tender opportunities, articles on key issues and other news for the third sector X X
Access to a Full Member only section of the 3SC website which includes: toolkits (see below); information; member events and news about future funding opportunities X
Access to new tender and contract opportunities X X
A Self-Assessment Toolkit to identify areas where you can improve your business, check if you are new contract/bid ready and/or areas you need to work on to pass due diligence processes and be a preferred provider. You can assess your organisation against a set of criteria on:

  • Governance and Leadership
  • Risk
  • Finance
  • Business Processes and Social Value
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Skills and Knowledge of the Workforce
  • Information Technology and Security

The toolkit will signpost you to further support as required, for example, a suite of organisational policies and procedures that can be tailored to suit your organisation

A suite of policies and procedures which can be downloaded and tailored to your organisation X
Member Events – regular forums, learning and networking sessions plus lobbying events. X
(per event fee)
Individual advice and support, for example, advice on funding, business development issues and/or signposting to additional cost (discounted) support services including social impact evaluation, marketing X
Marketing opportunities – the opportunity to be profiled on our website, be part of news articles and events X
Marketing support – providing copy that can be used by Full Members on their websites X

The cost of membership works on a sliding scale according to the size of your organisation as per the following table.

Level Price  
4 or less Staff £49.00 per Year. Select
5 - 15 Staff £149.00 per Year. Select
16 - 49 Staff £249.00 per Year. Select
50+ Staff £349.00 per Year. Select

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