Access to Work 1 – Report 2011 to 2017

The Overview

3SC ran Access to Work from 2011 to 2017, funded by the Department of Work and Pensions it was designed to assist those living with physical and mental health conditions and disabilities by providing equipment and support in the workplace which ranged from adapted keyboards and chairs to travel allowance, support workers and unique, bespoke industrial machinery.

3SC were the Prime supplier for Contract Performance Area (CPA) 07 with assessors covering the entirety of Wales. Referrals were received by 3SC and then assigned to an assessor through a bespoke, cloud based, secure portal. Our assessor was responsible for booking an assessment, visiting the customer, writing the report with individually sourced quotes and then returning it to our administration team who quality checked the report and returned it to the DWP in an encrypted format.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The KPIs measured for the delivery of the contract were:

KPI 1 – Initial contact made within one working day of referral

KPI 2 – 90% of reports returned within 10 Workings days

KPI 3 – 99% of Reports being fit for purpose

KPI 4 – All reworked reports to be returned to the DWP within 2 Working days

KPI 5 – All complaints to be supplied to the DWP within 3 Working Days.

The Contract Story

Over the six years of the contract 3SC completed and returned reports for 3,651 customers returning the overwhelming majority within 10 Working days ensuring more than 99% of them were fit for purpose first time.

3SC developed a bespoke, secure, cloud-based IT portal that was used to manage every referral, allowing data and reports to be interrogated easily. This portal was used by assessors to access key information on their clients and to complete reports, it allowed us to see the overview of their assessors and to manage the contract in a robust and pro-active manner.

In 2015 Access to Work was transferred to the control of the Cardiff based employment team whereupon operations were transferred in house. Once functions were embedded within the Cardiff team performance improved dramatically turning a contract that was hitting KPIs into one that exceeded them.

Despite early challenges the contract can be acknowledged as a success in terms of operational performance overall, particularly when viewing the increased achievement during the last 3 years of performance.

The strength of the bespoke, 3SC developed IT portal proved vital in managing the assessments with a robust and detailed analysis available in an editable and manipulatable form. The direct control of the administration team facilitated more agile and direct management.

We are justifiably proud of the impact we had and the contribution made to those living with physical and mental health conditions and disabilities across Wales.