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SafeandFound is a system for tracking and monitoring people with early stage dementia. The system holds and maintains records of people who may go missing so that they can be found by the police and their relatives and returned safely home.

This is a digital information and telemetric combination which will humanise the process for locating missing persons and give those registered and relatives the comfort that when the police locate someone they will have the fullest information to sensitively approach them and be sure that they are well and that any needs they may have can be addressed quickly. It will cut down the time for locating people and allow them to maximise the resources they have when locating a missing person so that the effort is channelled and the time to find a person is minimised.

The TI Group is a social impact measurement, management and design organisation. It provides tools, products and services that help frontline social purpose organisations and the organisations that support them to improve. It enables organisations to grapple with complexity and context and quickly gain clarity about their impact and measure progress, so that they can align their practices with their purpose. Operating in the US and the UK, the TI Group has worked with approximately 200 social sector organisations to strengthen their impact.

RentSquare’s mission is to make renting in the private sector simple, fair and square. We seek to maximise the efficiency of housing supply, empowering tenants with choice, through an honest, transparent and affordable lettings service. RentSquare uses technology and data to reduce the time properties sit empty, maximise institutional return and ensure these benefits are passed onto tenants. RentSquare has found a way to reduce void periods and pass those savings onto tenants. We have built a Machine Learning algorithm, in close work with LSE, Mayor’s Office, Koln University, that predicts affordable rent prices and use technology to let properties quickly. We are investing in further machine learning capabilities to make the letting process fast, secure and easy. RentSquare has been featured in The Guardian,Financial Times Londonist and been recognised by London’s Assembly Housing Committee as a model of innovation in the sector. We are a proud partner of Red Door Ventures and alumni of the Open Data Institute, Bethnal Green Ventures and ODINE H2020 fund in partnership with Telefonica.

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