Access Ability

3SC are a partner in the Access Ability initiative, which brings together prime providers of DWP’s Work Choice and Access to Work, to engage employers and break down barriers to employing disabled people and create a single point of contact to enable easy access to the right information from the right people.


Access to Work

Following the successful delivery of the Access to Work programme in Wales; 3SC were invited to become a partner for RBLI delivering Access to Work 2 across Wales. We contract with five delivery partners, including a national charity and an university as well as specialist assessment centres and smaller providers. Access to Work 2 is a DWP service which deploys workplace assessors to undertake assessments which identify solutions and practical support for those in work who are living with a disability, physical or mental health condition.


Families with Multiple Needs

3SC worked as a contractor to Working Links to deliver the families with multiple needs programme in Lincolnshire. In total 720 families were identified as requiring specific support in such areas as housing, education alcohol and substance abuse. The aim was to relieve individual agencies, such as the Police and the NHS, by using a dedicated case worker who identified family needs and provided a one-stop approach.


Neurodiverse Strategy Coaching

Neurodiverse strategy coaching delivers high quality coping strategy coaching/training to adults with neurodiverse conditions and other disabilities/long term health conditions at work. The service is person centered delivering strategy coaching support tailored to the individual customer’s work-related needs as a result of their disability or long-term health condition. Typically the support is delivered through a programme of two hour sessions although the service is flexible enough to accommodate multiple different models and lengths of delivery.


Specialist Employability Support – Visual Impairment 

3SC partners with the Royal National Colleague for the Blind (RNC) to deliver this Pan-UK contracts and manages a supply chain of in excess of 25 organisations. The programme is designed to assist people with visual impairment and at risk of exclusion from the job market, helping them secure and sustain employment or self-employment, through an individually-tailored combination of guidance, learning in the workplace, work experience and training.


SES Customer Anne has been supported into employment by The Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind

SES Customer Anne has been supported into employment by The Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind