short profile of mushtaq khan, commercial director, new charter

Mushtaq Khan: Non-Executive Director

Mushtaq works for the Housing Diversity Network, helping organisations and people to develop inclusive and thriving businesses. He is on the Boards of Manningham HA and Syncora (the commercial arm of Calico Group). He also works for BMENational.

He has worked for a number of housing and regeneration organisations throughout his career, as well as running his own consultancy business. He was previously Director of Commercial Partnerships at the Jigsaw Group as well as Director of Aksa Homes. He has also worked at a senior level in local authorities for the over fifteen years, including working for large metropolitan councils such as Oldham, Trafford and Lambeth.

Mushtaq is particularly interested in ensuring that disadvantaged communities have access to housing, employment and training opportunities to move forward and achieve their potential. He has experience of a host of regeneration schemes ranging from straightforward homes and environment refurbishment to complex public-private partnership schemes involving new build and community investment. These schemes have sought to address issues such as ethnic segregation through ensuring that the quality and choice of accommodation is enhanced, enabling the creation of more mixed-income communities.

His twitter handle is @Mushtaq_Khan3

Executive committee

Joanne Cholerton Chief Executive, 3SC

Brendan Connolly Finance Director, 3SC


John Swinney Chair

Joanne Cholerton Chief Executive, 3sc

Brendan Connolly Finance Director, 3SC

Simon Charlick Non-Executive Director

Mushtaq Khan Non-Executive Director