From serial misbehaviour to real achievement. A youth case study featuring The Capitalise Programme

youth case study

From serial misbehaviour to real achievement

The Capitalise Programme, a joint venture between 3SC, Catch22:include, and Dyslexia Action, ran for three years starting in late 2012. It changed for the better the lives of 840 children across 14 schools in Years 10 and 11. The aims were to make a positive impact on the children on the programme, by helping them to improve their school attendance, attitude, and raise their academic prospects.

Capitalise met JH, a student at risk of permanent exclusion from his secondary school due to repeated misbehaviour.

A Project Worker was assigned by Capitalise to JH, to identify issues that triggered his disruptive behaviour, and to develop strategies that could help him to cope with those trigger points. The Project Worker and JH collaborated on developing positive reinforcement and motivational targets for JH.

JH developed goals for himself and stuck to them. Thanks to this, his school removed him from its list of pupils at risk of permanent exclusion.

He went on to secure a place in further education to study Economics and Business.