Boosting self-confidence. A disability case study featuring the charity Elite

disability case study

Boosting self-confidence

Established in 1994, Elite is a registered charity working with people with disabilities or those at a disadvantage across South and West Wales. Through Elite, 3SC delivers Specialist Employability Support (SES).

In February 2016 Sarah was referred to 3SC on our SES programme. Sarah requires a high level of support not only to secure employment, but also maintain it. When we first met her Sarah – who has sensory impairments – lacked confidence and required one-to-one support to help with job searching, skill matching, application skills, interview skills, and boosting her low self-esteem.

Elite were approached by a public sector employer, which was looking for an administrator to work in their equality and diversity department. Despite her initial misgivings, overcome by her renewed self-esteem and the support of a job coach from Elite, Sarah applied for the post and was successful.

Now progressing well, Sarah’s conscientious attitude and teamwork are much appreciated in her new role.