Self-confidence: finding work. An employment case study featuring WECIL

employment case study

Self-confidence – finding work

WECIL – the West of England Centre for Inclusive Living – is one of the delivery organisations within 3SC’s SES-VI contract, to help visually impaired people find employment. Neil – not his real name – came along one day to WECIL’s drop-in work club. Neil has learning difficulties and was struggling to find a job. The first three months of working with him were a challenge – Neil doesn’t communicate very well, especially when he is nervous or with strangers. We introduced him to a diary, so that we can all keep track of what he is doing.

Part of the challenge was to get his parents on-side. A couple of possible jobs were rejected by his parents because of their locations. A meeting was held with Neil’s mother to talk about how we needed to remove barriers from Neil’s path, and how we needed his parents to help us to do this and help to support him back into work.

Neil said he wanted to work and that he was bored. A place as a volunteer gardener came up, it was in an accessible location – and Neil got the place. He got along brilliantly. He proved his reliability, and he received great feedback from the manager.

Neil had proved himself to be hardworking and reliable, and he applied for a paid job with Brandon Trust. He took on a two-week work trial with Brandon Trust while continuing with his volunteering role and during this time he also applied for a role with A Clean Sweep, a Mencap organisation. A Clean Sweep invited him in for a chat, and he has been undertaking a series of work trials with them Neil gained in confidence and communication – he was meeting lots of new people and undertaking different tasks. Now Neil has been offered a paid role with Brandon Trust, and is waiting to hear if he has been successful with A Clean Sweep. Neil has made huge progress: his elderly mum is so pleased and proud.