From indifference to engagement. A youth case study featuring The Capitalise Programme

Youth case study

From indifference to engagement:

The Capitalise Programme, a joint venture between 3SC, Catch22:include, and Dyslexia Action, ran for three years starting in late 2012. It changed for the better the lives of 840 children across 14 schools in Years 10 and 11. The aims were to make a positive impact on the children on the programme, by helping them to improve their school attendance, attitude, and raise their academic prospects.

OS was referred by his secondary school for support under the Capitalise Programme. Before he was taken on, OS had 52 instances of serious misbehaviour and was regarded as a disruptive presence in his school. He was uninterested in learning and was disengaged from the academic life of the school.

Thanks to his cooperation with the programme OS had only one behavioural problem during his time with us. He managed to attend both his English and Maths exams, something that was beyond all expectations before Capitalise stepped in to give him the support he so desperately needed.