What people say about us


“3SC is robust and disciplined and leads the way. It has helped smaller providers to win contracts that they may well not have won.”

Rosie Goodwin: Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company
john lynch, royal national college for the blind

“Our experience as one of 3SC’s Delivery Organisations meant we didn’t hesitate to choose them as our sub-contractors when we successfully bid for the DWP SES contract. They are responsive, customer-led partners.”

John Lynch: Royal National College for the Blind
Charlotte Slinger, Hampshire Cultural Trust

“Thanks to 3SC we are well supported to deliver a clear and realistic programme. Working with 3SC has really embedded good practice and robust systems. They have been very supportive and set out clear expectations during the due diligence, contract negotiations and on-going monitoring.”

Charlotte Slinger: Hampshire Cultural Trust

“Both the 3SC Contract Performance Assessment and Quality Deep Dive processes that are used to monitor and review the Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance ensure that money is being spent in the areas agreed and the service is meeting the standards expected. These processes are equally good at highlighting areas of good practice so these can be recognised and shared with other partners, as it is identifying areas of concern. Where there are areas of concern the process allows for timely intervention, the development of mitigation plans and can assist providers in finding solutions.”

Martin Nugent, Criminal Justice & Partnerships, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

“3SC have been excellent partners. They have been supportive and prepared to fight our corner. They have helped us deliver good results.”

Jenny Jenkinson: Hull Community and Voluntary Services
Head office of Beacon Centre for the Blind

“Thanks to 3SC, we have been able to engage with clients we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to reach, and have helped them to develop and ultimately achieve their individual goals”

Rachel Shaw: Beacon Centre for the Blind
Dave Wylie, Bootstrap Enterprises

“Bootstrap Enterprises has been helping people into work for the past 30 years, and has worked as a subcontracted partner of 3SC for the past year. It’s a partnership we greatly value. The approach of 3SC as a prime contractor is supportive, very well organised and responsive when necessary. We are grateful to 3SC who are supportive of our insight and actions when working with customers. 3SC are a good partner to work with and we hope our relationship with them continues.”

Dave Wylie: Bootstrap Enterprises

“The added value that 3SC bring to managing the Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance is invaluable from a CRC perspective in being able to drive referrals and the quality of service of both CRC staff, and also partnership staff, working under the Alliance.  The 3SC Contract Performance Assessment and Quality Deep Dive processes identify both strengths and weaknesses in service delivery, offering the opportunity for positive feedback to be shared whilst also immediately identifying any areas of development allowing swift remedial action to be taken via a partnership approach. “

Ceri Schofield, Community Director, Cheshire and Greater Manchester CRC – Women’s Lead
Robert Glenn, Groundwork

“I have no hesitation in recommending 3SC as a prime contractor. We have greatly benefited from their quality assurance processes, their online customer management system, and supportive monthly performance reviews.”

Robert Glenn: Groundwork
Chris Murray, The Write Time

“3SC supported us by offering us our first contract called Intergr8, which involved working with young people on the brink of permanent exclusion from their school. Throughout the contract we have been supported by 3SC, and given clear guidance about successfully delivering the contract.”

Chris Murray: The Write Time

“We have been patiently supported by 3SC to ensure excellent reporting and adherence to targets.  The Network Meetings that 3SC  has set up are extremely beneficial to all partners and great networking takes place. We feel that local 3SC staff are a massive source of support and have enabled us to show how successful, effective and efficient TWW are as partners in delivering interventions to assist in the successful completion of Court Orders/licences and preventing reoffending.”

Angela Murphy: Tomorrows Women Wirral

“3SC’s use of performance assessment tools, with specific deliverables, enables the project to measure outcome indicators efficiently to improve monitoring and performance. The scope and depth of the due diligence requirements support the project to ensure that policies and procedures are robust and reviewed regularly.”

Maggie Langhorn, Operations Manager, Salford Foundation