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Amee Sandhu

Job Title: Neurodiversity Coach

Amee Sandhu, Neurodiversity Coach

Prior to joining 3SC as a Neurodiversity Coach, Amee brings a wealth of experience as a SEND worker in primary education, where she has been dedicated to supporting neurodiverse children in mainstream schools. This involved working closely with parents and external agencies to ensure the best possible support for each child.


Following that, Amee transitioned to becoming a well-being mentor, specialising in assisting adult individuals to ‘switch’ their thinking. This role particularly emphasised on the ‘pre-employment stages’ of an individuals’ journey to seeking employment. Her support was delivered through Cognitive Remediation Training (CRT), aiming to enhance executive functioning skills such as memory, planning and how individuals process information.


Both at home and in a professional setting, Amee describes herself as a creative thinker, kind natured, empathetic, and ready to listen. In her spare time, she practices Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to keep her grounded and have a positive outlook on life. Amee has a genuine passion for connecting with people and has the mindset that – to all problems – there will be a solution or an answer.