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Dave Reilly

Job Title: Delivery Manager

Dave Reilly, Delivery Manager


Dave has been working with 3SC since 2014, working across a diverse range of contracts and positions. Originally starting as an Admin Assistant to the finance team on Jobs Growth Wales, he quickly developed into a key member of the team. Over the next 1 ½ years, Dave would prove to be a valuable asset to the organisation and as 3SC expanded, the need to be involved in and multi-task between several contracts arose. As a result of this development, Dave was given the opportunity to become the Operation’s Co-Ordinator, a title he held until 2023 which involved being responsible for the day to day operations for all of 3SC’s contracts, most notably Access to Work, Work Programme, NDSC, PE and SES.


With the changing landscape of 3SC and the merge with TWIN, Dave was presented the opportunity to become a Delivery Manager, responsible for 3SC’s contract operations, data analysis, databases and compliance, working closely with several departments within both 3SC and TWIN. Dave has been nominated to be the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and is completing an NVQ in Management.


Outside of 3SC, Dave has a passion for Anime, Manga, History, Science and Metal Music.