Visual Impairment Case Study

Michael goes from strength to strength on our SES programme.

Specialist Employability Support can work for you too

3SC deliver SES in partnership with Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford. 3SC work to unite third sector organisations in the delivery of government contracts allowing the commissioner to access specialist suppliers that would otherwise be out of reach and allowing those smaller providers to deliver real quality on exciting, major projects nationwide.

Michael joined SES with us in May 2017 after being unemployed for some time, working with our partners Groundwork. He was beginning to doubt if he would ever find work again and his confidence was really low.

Michael had heard about the SES programme through his local Jobcentre Plus and decided he had nothing to lose. From the very first session Michael was committed to the programme, working with our team to determine his own pathway to a brighter future.

Within a few short months he had secured his first, part-time position as a shop cleaner at the Golden Square shopping centre in Warrington. Not content with the one role, Michael volunteered for extra shifts and quickly built a name for himself; not only within the company but the larger shopping centre itself.

Michael’s cheery disposition and tireless work ethic soon began to pay dividends and he was soon offered a full-time position working for the Golden Square management company, Interserve. Michael is responsible for keeping the centre walkways clean, clear and safe whilst passing on his infectious enthusiasm and joy to a wider audience.

Michael has now been at the Golden Square for over 6 months and his manager, is delighted with his work ethic and how he has proved himself as an exceptional team player, he comments ‘Michael has come on leaps and bounds, he’s picking up the cleaning routines nicely and is a valued member of our team. We couldn’t be happier’.

Michael really enjoys his work and cycles 16 miles a day to get to the Golden Square. His commitment is second to none and he is always punctual. His confidence has grown due to his efforts with the SES programme and he comments ‘I’m so thankful that I was put forward to work with Groundwork (3SC member) on the SES programme. They’ve helped me in many ways and nothing has been too much trouble for them. I love my job and should I have any problems there is always someone at Groundwork who will listen to my concerns and continue to support me in any way they can’.

Michael’s 12 months on the programme has come to an end. However, both he and the team at Groundwork will continue to have contact with each other. Michael leaves the programme with our best wishes and we are proud of the huge successes he has earnt.

The SES programme is currently open to individuals with a visual impairment and is overseen by the Royal National College for the Blind. Participants may need all the support they can get in gaining confidence and getting themselves in a position to be work ready.

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