3SC 10th Anniversary – North West


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This month marks our 10th birthday and we have celebrations taking place across the country. This week our North West team hosted an inclusive ‘cake break’ which was held as part of their provider network meeting. Along with an opportunity for networking, the event focussed on sharing best practice, continuous improvement planning workshops and business development partnering.


We were delighted to welcome our partners which included CEOs, delivery and support staff. We covered a packed agenda which started with an update on the 3SC membership scheme and the services that are available for third sector delivery organisations as part of that including self-assessment toolkits, policy and procedure templates, free member events and first look at new contract opportunities.


As it is our 10th anniversary we covered 10 main advantages in being a 3SC member including access to information on:

  1.  Self-assessment toolkits for governance and leadership.
  2. Risk, Finance, Business Process and Social Value.
  3. Communications and Marketing.
  4. Skills and Knowledge Development.
  5. Information Technology and Security.
  6. A policy and procedure self-assessment toolkit with the most up to date legislatively correct templates available to download and tailor to their organisation.
  7. How to be a part of the 3SC network and gain first access to bids as and when we receive notification.
  8. Flexible consultancy support tailored to the needs of their social business.
  9. Bespoke web portal design and development to help increase productivity and efficiency.
  10. Being a part of the membership that can assist with business development, governance, systems and contract delivery support.


This is just one of our many 10th birthday events. Stay tuned for more or drop us a line at info@3sc.org to find out more about our other events or learn more about the 3SC membership and future networking and business development opportunities.

Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC