3SC and Covid-19


The challenges that the outbreak of Covid-19 poses to us ll are significant and none of us can accurately predict what will happen in the next few months, but at 3SC it was easier for us than most to transition to a new way of working to meet those challenges. All of our staff were already equipped to work from home as most of them already do so on a regular basis enabling us to continue to deliver our services in a safe and effective manner.


We use  bespoke, secure, online IT platforms for our contract management which allows live input and review by our delivery partners and live management reporting and use across the country whether in an office or a front room. This means we’ve been able to move immediately to remote working with no impact on our service delivery. Day to day contract management of our 100+ contracted delivery partners and client engagement have all moved to this new way of working with no loss of productivity. Contract Performance Assessment meetings and Quality Deep Dives are being conducted remotely to provide ongoing support to partners in their valiant efforts to continue their service delivery when face to face contact is impossible or severely limited.


The challenges posed and consequences of an external nature – the impact on the economy, on our customer referral numbers and on future new business opportunities that were imminent being delayed, changed or cancelled – will be significant and whilst out of our control, we are well placed to be able to respond in an effective and agile manner. When this current crisis eventually comes to an end the services and support that social providers deliver will be needed more than ever.


Our committed staff are in a strong position to help you meet any challenges you are coming up against so if you need any support at this time whether you are one of our contracted delivery partners, a 3SC member or have never worked with us before, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our upmost to help and support you at this time.


Joanne Cholerton, CEO, 3SC