3SC at Autistic Minds Live – Llandudno


On the beautiful North Wales coast where the hills meet the sea, another great meeting happened. Brenda Houghton and Chris Cody, Neurodiversity Coaches for 3SC had the honour of attending the Autistic Minds Live event in Llandudno.


Christopher Cody, Autisic Minds

It was an opportunity for providers of Autism services plus organisations working in wider neurodiversity support, to come together with service users and share the positive impact they are having on local communities.


Chris (pictured) and Brenda were there to discuss the coaching they offer for people on probation with neurodiverse traits. The programme is aimed at reducing the likelihood of participants reoffending and to help develop healthy coping strategies to improve emotional wellbeing. There was also quite a lot of interest in 3SC’s membership programme aimed at giving social enterprises a boost and the support they need to make a difference.


It was a wonderful chance to share the good work of all the organisations present and to offer support for Autistic people in North Wales. The air was buzzing with positivity and a ‘can do – we got this’ attitude! Giving people the opportunity to share their stories and be heard and understood was a precious gift – people seemed lighter after having a chance to talk to someone who could show understanding of what they were going through.


Here at 3SC we’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ and congratulations to Autistic Minds for sharing the good work and positivity that can come from a community working together.


Christopher Cody, Neurodiversity Coach,  3SC