3SC Awarded ‘Excellent’ Against the Merlin Standard


In November 2020, 3SC were assessed for the first time against the supply chain management standard, Merlin. The assessment overall outcome was ‘Excellent’ recognising the sustainable excellence of our structured approach to supply chain management and positive partnership working with our supply chain partners.


In complying with the Merlin Standard, organisations are demonstrating their commitment to developing healthy and high performing supply chains. The Standard is built upon 8 interlinked Principles, underpinned by 36 evidence-based Criteria. It is these Criteria against which organisations being accredited against the Merlin Standard are assessed. The assessment includes surveys and interviews with past, present and potential supply chain partners, including commissioners, as well as interviews with 3SC’s staff to gather a robust understanding of the organisational approach taken to supply chain management. To obtain ‘Excellent’ there has to be robust and consistent evidence from both 3SC and supply chain partners that confirms that the stated Merlin Standard requirements are embedded, applied creatively, innovatively and consistently, and are perceived as being over and above the norm.


Joanne Cholerton, CEO of 3SC said:


“I am thrilled that 3SC got an ‘Excellent’ assessment outcome in our first ever Merlin assessment. I am very proud of each member of 3SC staff for their commitment and the hard work they put into supporting every one of our delivery partners to provide the best possible service to their customers. It reflects the expertise of our staff and the excellence of our structured approach”.


3SC’s Merlin results report is now live on the Merlin Standard website. Please click on the link below if you would like to read the full report.




Joanne Cholerton , CEO, 3SC