3SC Membership Survey Results


In May 2021 we carried out our first membership survey. The aim of the survey was to ascertain Members’ views on the contents and benefits of the 3SC Membership offer. We will use the views expressed in the survey to ensure we are getting the membership offer right and to help us to identify any areas where we can improve and enhance our membership offer going forward.


The survey was made up of a series of questions that asked members about their thoughts and use of various aspects of the membership offer, including:


  • Whether members find communications from 3SC useful.
  • Whether members have made use of the opportunities to apply to be a partner with
  • 3SC to deliver new tender and contract opportunities.
  • Whether the self-assessment toolkit has helped members to identify areas where they can improve their business.
  • Whether members have found the Member Events useful and informative.
  • Whether Full Members think the Full Member cost provides good value for money.


Members were also asked to rank the aspects of their membership that they have found most useful. They were also asked if there is anything else they would like to see included in the offer as well as any further comments or thoughts that will help us to improve our offer to members.


There was a response rate of 40%: 44% were Associate Members and 33% of Full Members.


Overall, the responses to how well 3SC is working with delivery partners were positive. Results included:


  • 100% of respondents find communication with 3SC useful.
  • 82% of full members agree that the Full Membership cost provides good value for money.
  • 97% of respondents who have accessed Member Events agree that Member Events have been useful and informative.
  • Both Associate Members and Full Members find the Sector Updates, containing tender opportunities, articles on key issues and other news for the third sector, a useful aspect of their membership.
  • Many positive and a couple of areas where the membership can be further improved.


You can find a copy of the full report here: 3SC Membership Survey Results Report July 2021 Final


Joanne Cholerton, CEO, 3SC