By: Kathryn Jellings, 3SC Director, 3SC

30th April 2024

3SC, the third sector consortium organisation added to the Twin Group in May, 2021, recently passed a milestone in supporting 700 companies with its Neurodiversity Coaching service.


Evolving awareness of neurodiversity


Kathryn Jellings, Director for 3SC, observes:


“Over recent decades, awareness of Neurodiversity has evolved, from almost non-recognition, to recognition and awareness and now active support, yet waiting lists for formal NHS diagnosis for many conditions are the longest they have ever been.”


“For some years now, it’s been recognised that many neurodiverse people, as well as presenting differently, can also be very different in the skills that they can offer to employers – our services bring a duality of benefit to both neurodivergent individuals and employers and adds vital ‘pieces of the puzzle’ to realising those benefits.”


A win-win – achieved more quickly


3SC supports both employers and neurodiverse employees. For employers, it’s about training staff and coaching managers to help recognise characteristics of their neurodivergent colleagues and supporting them to function to their full potential in the workplace. For individuals, our strategy based coaching helps them recognise how their naturally different thought and communication patterns may be expressed as positive traits and recognising the strengths and talents they bring to the workplace.


Benefits to employers can be profound – GCHQ and BAE systems have made public their desire to find individuals with specific skills, while, less visibly, other employers have enjoyed the extra loyalty of retaining neurodiverse staff through acceptance and support. Smart employers are embracing teams made up of a variety of neurotypes and thinking styles, acknowledging that these teams make 30% less mistakes and frequently drive innovation.


Gratifying addition to Twin Group’s purpose in society – and growth in business


Caroline Fox Twin Group CEO, concludes:


“Twin has always been about growing opportunity, a purpose we now explicitly identify as the cornerstone of our values as an organisation. We are especially proud to play our part in promoting and supporting neurodiversity – increasingly seen as a welcomed diversity in our society and workforce – and gratified by the exponential growth of 3SC as a recent addition to the Twin Group family.


From large businesses to SMEs, from very large prime providers to small public sector organisations, a broad cross-section of organisations now engages 3SC as a partner to help their neurodiverse teams to thrive and achieve their potential – in the workplace and in life.”