Our December Members Event was on the topic: Cyber Security – The Threat You Can’t Ignore.


A recent report from the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) outlines the increased cyber threat that third sector organisations of all sizes now face. They can be vulnerable due to the level of sensitive information they hold and potentially limited security layers in place to protect them from increasingly sophisticated threat vectors.


Particular information of interest to cyber criminals can be sensitive data around funds, personal details of staff, clients and supporters, financial information, donation or online lottery systems and commercial data. Information held of this nature offers a monetary value to a range of cyber criminals and other groups. Some organisations are aware their data is sensitive, valuable and vulnerable to attack. However, many organisations, particularly smaller ones do not realise this and do not perceive themselves as targets.


The presentation on Cyber Security was hosted by Damon Rands, CEO, Wolfberry, who are an award-winning Cyber Security consultancy, whose goal is to make cyber security accessible, understandable and affordable for any organisation. They have experience working with third sector organisations and in the session presented some third sector case studies.


The presentation also:


  • Raised awareness of cyber security and improved knowledge in organisations.
  • Educated and empowered teams to recognise threats and build a security infrastructure to protect themselves and their organisation.
  • Covered the current trends in cyber security, particularly following developments that have arisen due to the rapid digitalisation over the last two years due to the pandemic.
  • Used case studies to bring relevant examples and learning opportunities.
  • Provided advice around steps that can be taken to strengthen organisations cyber posture.


Our attendees found this a very enjoyable presentation, Damon’s talk was very easy to listen to and engage and it definitely provoked some further investigation internally for their organisations. Other comments we had received from our members were:


  • Very insightful and has helped me to understand more about Cyber Security
  • Trying to hold events online is not always easy, but the Webinars are easily accessible and well managed so that attendees get the opportunity to ask questions and feel involved.


The verbal feedback received from all the attendees at the session was very good and each attendee was sent an evaluation form via Survey Monkey after the session. 88% of delegates rated the overall event as ‘Excellent’ and 12% ‘Good’. For Damon Rands session on ‘Cyber Security’ 88% of delegates rated the session as ‘Excellent’ and 12% as ‘Good’. 100% of the attendees said they would like to attend future 3SC Member’s Events.


All of the presentation slides were shared with the attendees and will also be made available on the Member’s section of the 3SC website along with the video of the session



Paul Johnson, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC