3SC’s Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching Programme



3SC work with a number of organisations including People Strength who deliver coaching and mentoring strategies on our nationwide Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching (NDSC) Programme to people who live with neuro-diverse conditions.


The sessions have historically been delivered face to face but following the impact of Covid-19, sessions have been delivered remotely in order to protect both our team and our participants. The rapidly changing nature of the workplace during the pandemic has presented some specific challenges for our participants as they move from an adapted office space to a workplace within the home.


NDSC has delivered over 350 coaching hours to 88 participants covering high level executive skillsets, assistive technologies and resilience building techniques. The provision has proved to be extremely successful and popular with many participants requesting additional provision beyond the initially contracted term.


Neuro-Diversity is a relatively new term used to refer to the different ways brains interpret and analyse information about the external world. Within the workplace it is a term commonly used to indicate alternative thinking styles like Autism, ADHD and Dyspraxia but this doesn’t mean that NDSC is suitable only for those with a diagnosis. Neuro-Diversity is a spectrum and the sessions delivered are best thought of as an executive, coping skillset, holistically tailored to the individual and suitable for any employee. The additional challenges created by Covid-19 mean that there’s never been more of a need for these services.


Clare Welsh is the owner of People Strength who delivers the coaching in partnership with 3SC:


“Initially customers have been reluctant to engage with remote working, but we’ve been able to reassure people and focus on adapting to their needs with our strengths. Flexibility and agility of delivery has been a hugely important thing and whilst the ambiguity of the Covid-19 situation has been a difficult thing, this isn’t really going away and the need to adapt personal and working life accordingly has been vital. We’ve delivered lessons around resilience and they’ve proved to be key as well as work on emphasising the difference between work/home life especially where working from home is new to people. The service has proved to be key in ensuring that those on longer term sick leave are able to return and find that support.”


To learn more about 3SC’s NDSC offer, please visit here.


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC